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Fundamentals of Periodontal Instrumentation and Advanced Root Instrumentation (Seventh Edition)

The seventh edition of Peridontal Instrumentationand Advanced Root Instrumentation continues in the tradition of bringing faculty and students everything they need to understand instrumentation and put knowledge into practice. Taking a highly visual, step-by-step approach, this title is an easy-to-use guide to learning this crucial component of dental hygiene. No other text offers such an array of features and topics, all presented by one of the most well-known authors in the dental hygiene field.

This new edition combines a focus on currency, with updated content to reflect new technologies and regulations in this field, as well as coupling the text with the robust and valuable ancillaries you have come to expect from Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins' dental hygiene products.

Covering all necessary topics, this edition also features detailed information on:
--Design and use of advanced periodontal instruments
--Advanced instrumentation techniques
--Instrumentation of dental implants
--Ultrasonic instrumentation with modern precision-thin instrument tips
-- Modifications to “standard” techniques: hyper-extended joints, standing to work on patient that cannot be placed in a supine (flat) position
--Air polishing

NEW! Additional photographs and added content in topics that are new or evolving in dental hygiene!
Module outlines at the beginning of each chapter make it easier to locate specific texts within the section, and provides an organizational framework for the material
Learning objectives assist students in recognizing and studying important concepts in each chapter.
A Step-by-step format  allows the learner to work independently and at his or her own pace—fostering student autonomy and decision-making skills
Key terms  are listed at the start of each module to help students learn and understand a whole new dental vocabulary as they move through the text.
Study aids, including —boxes, tables, and flow charts—visually highlight and reinforce important content and permit quick reference during technique practice and at-home review.
Critical thinking activities—in the Practical Focus sections of the book—encourage students to apply concepts to clinical situations, facilitate classroom discussion, and promote the development of student problem-solving skills.
Case-based patient experiences allow students to apply instrumentation concepts to patient cases
The glossary of instrumentation terms  provides quick access to instrumentation terminology
Skill evaluation checklists guide student practice, promote student self-assessment skills, and provide benchmarks for faculty evaluation of skill attainment.

Chapter 1:    Principles of Positioning
Chapter 2:    Instrument Grasp
Chapter 3:    Mirror and Finger Rests in Anterior Sextants
Chapter 4:    Mirror and Finger Rests in Mandibular Posterior Sextants
Chapter 5:    Mirror and Finger Rests in Maxillary Posterior Sextants
Chapter 6:    Instrument Design and Classification
Chapter 7:    Technique Essentials: Movement and Orientation to Tooth Surface
Chapter 8:    Technique Essentials: Adaptation
Chapter 9:    Technique Essentials: Instrumentation Strokes
Chapter 10: Calibrated Periodontal Probes and Basic Probing Technique
Chapter 11: Explorers
Chapter 12: Technique Essentials: Angulation and Stroke Production
Chapter 13: Sickle Scalers
Chapter 14: Universal Curets
Chapter 15: Area-Specific Curets
Chapter 16: Periodontal Files
Chapter 17: Advanced Probing Techniques
Chapter 18: Instruments for Advanced Root Debridement
Chapter 19: Advanced Techniques for Root Surface Debridement
Chapter 20: Calculus Removal: Concepts, Planning, and Patient Cases
Chapter 21: Concepts for Instrument Sharpening
Chapter 22: Instrument Sharpening Techniques
Chapter 23: Pain Control During Periodontal Instrumentation  
Chapter 24: Powered Instrument Design
Chapter 25: Ultrasonic and Sonic Instrumentation 
Chapter 26: Polishing

The following resources are available on thePoint: http://thePoint.lww.com/GehrigFundamentals7e.

Student Resources
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Instructor Resources
  • Instructor's Guide
  • Lesson Plans
  • Test Generator
  • Image Bank
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Skill Evaluation Forms

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